The Rubber Band Box By MODWHEEL- Free for a short time

David Donaldson

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Until the end of November MODWHEEL are giving away The Rubber Band Box. Another in the line of strange, one off instruments (the real and the virtual) made by the team at MODWHEEL.
The Rubber Band Box is a 4 string cigar box with a pick up, that has been laid out chromatically for the virtual version. 6 Patches (Kontakt 5.6 or higher) of MODWHEEL magic for your employment.

To get yours go to


Reid Rosefelt
Thank you! I really love it.

Not in any way to complain, but it crashed my DAW (Sonar) twice and then repeatedly crashed Kontakt standalone. Is this just me or has anybody else had this problem? I'm using Windows 10.

I'm just telling you so you hear about this bug (assuming there is a problem that goes beyond me) and fix it before the Rubber Band Box goes on sale.


Feeding the Trolls
By the way, love that video with the Biscuit Tin Guitar and the Bass Banjo Good Times.