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Hans Jonathan

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A fantasy style orchestral track intended for an upcoming game soundtrack music library package. Critique is welcomed!

I did not want to go all in on a church bell so I ended up using a small bell sound (crotales), I think it gives a better effect since I want a more fantasy than christian feel to the track.
The drums used are field drums from EWQL and one from era medieval legends. If anybody can suggest other field drum ensemble libraries I would appreciate it!
Any suggestions for suited percussive elements I have missed are appreciated, and of course any other critique/suggestions.
I didn't do thicker string arrangement since I'm too lazy when using monophonic legato patches, also some say that it becomes less realistic. I used EWQL Hollywood strings gold, I ended up using the SM legato patch, it is the only one I could get working for this moderate tempo.
For the brass I used samplemodeling with B2 for reverb.

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