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The place where it must end (long orchestral drama)


This piece sort of been a lot of trouble for me to compose and get it together. Its flowing better now than it used to but my head could be just used to it at this point.

What do you all think?

Its the last piece of my upcoming album.


Thank you for your thoughts,
I've been thinking about your comment here for a bit sort of double checking the piece multiple times. trying to have that point of view that it might be reverb heavy under the parking lot...I'm not feeling that at all to tell you the truth,

I tested on multiple devices...monitors, car, phone, tv...headphones.

Is it that its not clear? did I over Eq it? which i've been doing.

appreciate any member chiming in incase my ears are not catching it.


I can feel the „unexpected“ reverb as well, mainly with the brass. How much compression did you use there? Sounds somehow squeezed/compressed
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