The Official Mike Greene NAMM 2020 Guide!

Mike Greene

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It's that time of year! Are you in the NAMM spirit yet? It's the most wonderfulest time of the year!

Are you comin'? Great! Are you wondering what to expect? Maybe even a little nervous? Well, don't you worry, buckeroo, because your good buddy Mike is gonna tell you all the stuff you need to know. Ready? Okay!

The Big News - I’ll be the first to admit that Realitone isn’t normally at the top of the typical VI-Controller’s list. Hip Hop, pop vocals, banjo …yeah, I get it. Not exactly VI-Control staples. But this year we’re showing … wait for it … an orchestral (chamber) strings library! We went all out - recorded at United Recording (aka Ocean Way, Hollywood) using top L.A. players. Expensive, but I dare say worth it. I’ll save specific details for when we actually release, but if you’re at the show, this would be the year to stop by. We’re in Booth 18811, upstairs in the North Hall.

But what about the other guys??? - Okay, well I guess Orchestral Tools and Spitfire and some of the other developers do decent work. So maybe visit them, too. You know, if you have time. After Realitone. Hopefully Tom Holkenberg will be at the Orchestral Tools Booth again, this time showing the actual release of Junkie XL brass.

The NAMM app - Wondering where SoundIron or Impact Soundworks or OT or Spitfire will be? Usually I would helpfully post those booth numbers, but why give you a fish when I can teach you to fish? You see, there’s a NAMM app that’s pretty handy. Now you’ll be the expert! Here’s a hint, though. When you do your Apple Store search, type "NAMM Show.” If you just type “NAMM,” it comes up blank. Weird.
Wear comfortable shoes - For me, that’s easy (I’d wear sneakers to a wedding if my wife would let me), but for you composer-chic guys and ladies, bear in mind you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Bring water - Sure, you can snag a bottle of Arrowhead from your pals at the Realitone booth, but what if you’re all the way at the other end of thje Convention Center? Trust me, toss a bottle or two in your backpack and bring some snacks, too.

Dude, speak up! - You know what I hate? When people make you strain to hear what they’re saying. The NAMM floor ain’t exactly quiet, so unless you’re asking for advice about your hemorrhoids, then talk loud enough so we can hear you.

Now, Why Was It That I Got Into the Music Business . . . - Most people overlook the opportunities to hear some great live music. That’s a mistake IMO, because whoever is in charge of booking talent for the various stages does a really good job. Very eclectic and very good musicianship. In the NAMM app, filter for concerts and performances. Trust me on this one, it’s worth leaving the main floors to check them out.

Evening music - After the show each day, there’s a steady rotation of performers at the Hilton, the Marriott and the Sheraton. Goes from 6:00pm to 1:00am, new performers each hour. These hotels are all right next to each other, so if one artist isn’t your cup of tea, walk a short distance to one of the other venues. These are also curated by NAMM, so it’s really, really good.

But not Sunday night - Anaheim turns into a ghost town when the show closes on Sunday. No music at the hotels, no nothin’. It would be kinda depressing, except it's fun talking with the other stragglers about how the show went.

Remo Drum Circle – Even if you’ve not the type to ever wear tie dye, you need to do this at least once. Yeah, I know your sister in law had a drum circle for her 40th birthday and it was a musical mess, but everyone at this one is an actual musician, plus it’s huge, so you really do become part of the music. It’s Friday from 5:00 to 7 outside near the south end of the Convention Center. Tie dye optional.

Speaking of Tie Dye- Pot recently became legal in California. Personally, I rarely partake, and the forum probably shouldn't take a position on this, but if that’s of interest, there you go.

Hall E - Since they renumbered everything two years ago, I’m not even sure if they still call it HALL E, but this is most people's favorite place, even though exhibitors hate being put there. All companies have to start here, so if something is truly new, this is where it will be. This is where the hidden gems are.

Bring Your Bike! - I don’t think anyone has ever taken my advice on this one, but someday, someone is going to thank me. The really close hotels are expensive, and if you drive here, parking is really slow. Just think how superior you’ll feel when you breeze past everyone.

Speaking of breezing past everyone - I wonder if electric scooters are legal near the Convention Center? I sure hope not.

Okay, that’s all I got and I need to start truckin’ down to Anaheim. If you're there, stop by. My wife made brownies again this year.


Chamber strings? That’s one area in strings sampling I am super keen on filling my SSDs with more options. Looking forward to the announcement and see what you have produced!


Awesome advice Mike. Will def see you there. My only concern is that you mentioned the legality of pot and the fact that your wife made brownies in the same paragraph ;)


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For your stands and accessories stop by the On Stage Stands booth they will have the Behringer Wing and Midas Heritage D. Otherwise congrats and the chamber strings Mike!


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Just checked Instagram #namm...
Keep forgetting how big the guitar world is.

Now I’m sure the 80s,90s rockers will show up in full GnS concert costumes. Quite the sight.

Anders Wall

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You had me at ‘chamber strings’
Yeah, I stopped reading after that sentence.
Ok, right, so this is what you Namm guys and girls need to do.
Find that 18811 booth, charm the socks out of Mike and ask him to please upload a snibbit from that library to here or to youtube. I'll make sure to bring you some water next time we meet.