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The Mummy: Imhotep Mockup


Lunatic - it's really that simple
this is one of my favorite movies (this and the first sequel), it is pure guilty pleasure, and yeah, the music fits really well. Really well.

It has been a while since I last watched the movie, but from my memory at least you have really captured the feel, I really enjoyed that.

I have but two questions - did you do the mock up by ear, or do you have a copy of the score? And in the credits you listed Staffpad - was this really done in Staffpad alone?

Nice job, and good choice!


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very nice, however i would do more tweaking in the dynamic department. At times it doesn't flow well, dynamically. But overall, good job


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What library did you use for the strings? I have been working on an original Mummy inspired track but using the BBCSO Pro...sounding great I think, but I do like the sound you have on the strings.
Themeworks always lists the libraries used at the end of his videos. In this case, the list is at around 4:38. Strings are "Berlin Strings".
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