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Yeah but that snowflake is way more successful than the girly men snowflakes you worship.

I think a Chelsea Manning/ Buttigieg ticket would help ease your fake diversity pain.
We all know deep down in every Liberal, there’s still some common sense left.
Biden’s popularity proves this.
He allows Liberals to pretend they have reached the moral high ground by cheering on traitors, gays, Fake Cherokees, fake diversity, etc.

But then we can see in the polls they’re not into that phony shit. The need for wealthy white Liberals and their Minorities used for votes and power is really what they believe.

Trump is an awful person, just a terrible human being, but he’s achieved so much more in two years than Liberals with Super Majorities, and 11 Trillion dollars had in 8 years, so nobody cares about what a dick he is.

Americans would rather have a successful jerk off than a bunch of losers, frozen by their own pathetic political correctness and fake ass cult like nonsense.

You’ll see in 2024 when we might let Liberals have another shot at success. It will be a good time for their free stuff for a vote programs. At least by then we’ll have the money. Wealth creation is always better than Liberals wealth redistribution, which really means money returned to their investors and free food for the poor, that are the only reason Liberals can ever win an election. They have to pretend to care, and promise to give their traumatized victim voters free stuff, student loan amnesty.
Fuck that shit, make these Liberal Universities cover their failures instead of tax payers.

The only successful Liberal I’ve seen lately is AOC. Her Economics degree got her a job as a bartender, but just look at what she’s done since then. She’s impressive, but she is economically illiterate, but that’s Liberalism. Seek the moral high ground so you can then attack anyone who disagrees as hating women, or whatever category of victim you claim to represent.

Democrats Of 2020
Everything Will Be Free
But This Time We Mean It

Hopefully I’ll earn a few more ignores here for speaking the truth.
I’ve enjoyed watching Liberal men do the wicked witch of the west meltdown from my analytical evaluations of their worthless loser leaders...
Not sure what to make of all this.. I don't worship anyone. Don't know why you would think I do.

I don't know what "success" should mean here or how relevant it is. I would prefer someone that isn't a pathological liar. His lies stand out even among politicians...and, what has he achieved? No wall, no payment by Mexico, no wonderful cheap health care for all.... he did give corporations a big tax cut.....and then promised a 10% tax cut for all of us regular schmucks before the mid terms and then never brought it up again..another lie. Bah.

AOC is interesting and I think genuine, but for me it has to come down to facts and I saw one interview where she said something that I did not like...something about taking the moral high ground being more important than having everything correct or something along those lines.... I disagree. But, I like the enthusiasm and I am all for dealing with environmental issues.

For me personally, health care and worker's rights (unions) are a couple of primary issues, so the republicans (except Romney for the health care) are not aligned with my views. That's not saying I love all the current democrats, because I do not. Money in politics is also a huge issue. Anyway, I just stopped in for a minute.
... back to the music part of VIC.


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Putin has ordered Trump ( his asset according to wealthy Liberals) to move thousands of troops to Poland, 36 x F35 Jets sold, Ukrainian soldiers can grab Javelins and knock out Soviet Armor and aircraft now too.
Putin was upset that nobody dared stop or challenge him, so he’d like it if his adversaries would stand up to him rather than run the opposite direction.

Makes perfect sense to me.

IMPEACH 45, Steyers demands his Liberals obey.
Coming to you from the land of wealth inequality.

The non impeachment Impeachment
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Soros’ Attorney Generals are demanding TMobile and Sprint be separated and not merge.

They wouldn’t want mergers like the last administration that helped create High Tech monopolies to be formed.

Smart man. Buying the States Attorney Generals can control Wealthy Liberal policy.

It’s always about the money even when they say it isn’t.

Well according to fake Liberal news, but maybe they’re telling the truth this time.
Well I don’t know.
I just can’t imagine wealthy white billionaires instructing Liberals what to say and do...



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Actually he seeks attention.
He doesn’t want the Supreme Spinach Chin to get all the attention. At least he’s aiming at the Bering Strait.
I still think Rodman should be sent there to keep Kim smiling.

Nothing will get done because nothing needs to be don’t while Iran, China, Russia and NKoreans partners here in the USA are threatening fake impeachment.
John Kerry has advised them to wait and then we will give them billions of dollars to get some likes on FakeBook.

And Kim is NOT a world leader, he’s a murderous thug who really is an Asian Al Capone. Capone had people killed by Dogs, not Anti aircraft guns, but just as murderous.

As soon as our enemies realize that Americans don’t want these lying losers as leaders they’ll re start trade and other issues, and hopefully Iran’s people will remove those freaks in robes and towels and create a beautiful future.
The Imams are like Liberals, they’re miserable, seem to be lacking a sex life, always angry and pessimistic, except when you die you get 72 Virgins in heaven.
Poor saps get there and realize it’s 72 Rosie ODonnells who eat everything in the fridge and beat the shit out of you.

I’m confident Trump will beat the Liberals, Chinese, Russians, NKoreans and Iranians in 2020.
Especially after seeing these clowns last night.
Delaney made fools of these con artists.
It’s a freak show where everything is free and they scramble to pose with anyone black.

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