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The H3000 native plugin Vs Soundtoys ...?


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The H3000 native plugin was on sale a few weeks ago for ~$70. I was sorely tempted to buy it but held off. I had a few questions.

First I heard that some of the algorithms in the plugin version were not the same as the famous hardware version. Namely the microshifting one (which was my main interest).
Then I saw a comparison video by Espen Kraft on it and thought, "well, it might be close enough".

I've also been oggling Soundtoys, but as far as I can see, the H3000 might well do the same job as MicroPitchShifter and Alterboy, and maybe one or two others in the suite.

Soundtoys Micropitchshifter (one of the options) is also modeling the H3000 pitchshift(!) , so I am wondering peoples opinions on the H3000 plugin vs Soundtoys.

(I am mainly after a good plugin to help with vocals, and maybe some instrument fx to put on guitars etc.)


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I have both. I like both. I find uses for both.

BUT, if I had to choose I'd choose SoundToys.

I bought an earlier version of Anthology specifically for the Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger. I love those things. I still have the hardware. I keep repairing the hardware<G>!

Since I had all the Eventide plugins I tried a few more. They are good, very good in fact. Not quite as flexible as SoundToys, but that's ok, that isn't their goal.

I do not regret, at all, buying into the Eventide world.

But again, if I had to choose I'd go with SoundToys - I can get some effects that are very close to what I'd do with the Eventide hardware - except for the Instant Flanger and Instant Phaser. Not sure why.


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Apparently the Soundtoys guys used to work for Eventide. So they may have some inside knowledge when they modeled the H3000 pitchshifting.
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