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The Guy Michelmore Appreciation Thread


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Guy has been single-handedly responsible for increasing the time I spend on playing music (and playing around with music) by 100%.

Beyond all the silliness and messing around is a passion and love for what he does that is infectious.

I think that's pretty much my definition of "inspiring" ...


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Anytime I have my Sunglasses of Doubt on, all I have to do is watch one of Guy's videos.
His exuberant enthusiasm always makes me excited to be a composer and keep writing.


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++++1 Sort of Top Gear for the vi-control crowd :)
Funny, the first person Guy reminded me off when I saw him was Jeremy Clarkson. :roflmao:
But I think Guy doesn't chop you when he hates your guts. He will just force you to compose the title song for the upcoming "Teletubbies: Resurrection" ;)

But seriously I have not seen more than 10% of his YouTube content because of the HUGE number of videos AND my struggle with time.
BUT what I have seen already led me to the best tools to buy, the best laughs for a long time (I had the same M-Audio Keystation 88 that fell into the pool :grin:, sold it last week) and the biggest jealousy of his lovely cabin in the green gardens of inspiration. :rolleyes:
Finally I started the first course about composition on ThinkSpaceEdu when it came on sale. The best course since I started doing music, together with Philip Johnston's https://orchestrationrecipes.thinkific.com/

Oh Guy, I would just LOVE to do an internship in your cabin and be your personal servant and driver with just open eyes and especially open EARS! I will service your gear and IT for free. Your keys will always be polished, your Jag or Range Rover will shine when you get in. You will not regret it! :notworthy:


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I just became a user on VI-CONTROL to post something on this thread! I hope I'm not too late!

I have been watching his videos for a good couple years now, and as a young aspiring composer, to say he's an inspiration to me would be an UNDERSTATEMENT! I will always look back to his videos to help me out of writer's block, or to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. There isn't another like our Guy! He's extremely hilariously insanely incredible! :):grin:
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