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The Guy Michelmore Appreciation Thread


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Guy has been single-handedly responsible for increasing the time I spend on playing music (and playing around with music) by 100%.

Beyond all the silliness and messing around is a passion and love for what he does that is infectious.

I think that's pretty much my definition of "inspiring" ...


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Anytime I have my Sunglasses of Doubt on, all I have to do is watch one of Guy's videos.
His exuberant enthusiasm always makes me excited to be a composer and keep writing.


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++++1 Sort of Top Gear for the vi-control crowd :)
Funny, the first person Guy reminded me off when I saw him was Jeremy Clarkson. :roflmao:
But I think Guy doesn't chop you when he hates your guts. He will just force you to compose the title song for the upcoming "Teletubbies: Resurrection" ;)

But seriously I have not seen more than 10% of his YouTube content because of the HUGE number of videos AND my struggle with time.
BUT what I have seen already led me to the best tools to buy, the best laughs for a long time (I had the same M-Audio Keystation 88 that fell into the pool :grin:, sold it last week) and the biggest jealousy of his lovely cabin in the green gardens of inspiration. :rolleyes:
Finally I started the first course about composition on ThinkSpaceEdu when it came on sale. The best course since I started doing music, together with Philip Johnston's https://orchestrationrecipes.thinkific.com/

Oh Guy, I would just LOVE to do an internship in your cabin and be your personal servant and driver with just open eyes and especially open EARS! I will service your gear and IT for free. Your keys will always be polished, your Jag or Range Rover will shine when you get in. You will not regret it! :notworthy:
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