The Greyfriars Abbey (Soundtrack + Film)


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When I'm not composing music for fun, I do animation - for fun and volunteer work too.

I've worked together with the Viborg Museum, Denmark - to produce this short-film about a late-medieval Franciscan abbey.

I composed both soundtracks (2 soundtracks in total in this film) and did the entire animation process from modeling to finished animation and rendering myself.

The museum provided all the historical materials and feedback during the production.

I used GIMP for texturing and Blender 2.79 for modeling, 2.8 for rendering (Eevee).

The entire process took about a year from historical research to finished animation.



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Excellent work, well done. The music reminded me a little of Medieval Total War, by Jeff van Dyck.

Are you singing the male voice parts yourself?


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Really? What's the VI? It sounds very convincing.

But then, what do I know? I can't sing at all either.
Requiem, Cantus for choir and an old 2013 8Dio library for the strings (violins, cellos etc.).

Adjusting the dynamics and playing it yourself (instead of quantizing) increase realism.