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The end of Albion 2 Loegria?


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As it says on the tin.
50% sale though, which is nice.

Doesn't say why ending though?
Moving to new Spitfire player? Final chance to pick it up as a Kontakt Library?

If that's the case, then brilliant work Spitfire, nice nod to those who still prefer Kontakt.
A shame it was too late for the Evo's, but if they handle library moves like this, then everyone wins. :)


Luke Johnson
For someone that has Chamber Strings (I love that library) and Albion 2... does Albion 2 get much use? I've not bought Albion 2 yet.

Markus Kohlprath

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For someone that has Chamber Strings (I love that library) and Albion 2... does Albion 2 get much use? I've not bought Albion 2 yet.
Yes a lot. The lo strings pizz especially is gorgeous. It’s great for pimping up chamber strings I find. Especially the low end. And aren’t the easter island hits in loegria? I think they are legendary.

Will Wilson

All the gear, no idea
I did reach out to Spitfire Support to try and find out more info on if it was properly going bye bye or simply going bye bye in it's current form. Got zero information back other than what the page says.

Really like this although have SCS but have been eyeing this for quite a while!


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If they're being cagey about it, it's probably coming back. Has Spitfire ever permanently retired anything without some kind of overhauled rerelease? Even the discontinued Labs stuff is trickling back via the proprietary player.

Beyond that, it would seem kind of weird to new buyers if the Albion series just didn't have a second entry.


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Loegria has always been a bit of an odd library with the recorders and sackbuts, so I could see SF rethinking the concept on this one quite a lot if they redo it like Albion One. That said I always liked the strings in this library, which I used quite lot before I got SCS. And the euphonium/horn is excellent.


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It's what I suspect as well. Just wondering about getting Albion 2 because I am actually glad I picked up Albion 1 Legacy. I like having both Albion One/1.
I would certainly get this before it’s gone!!! Some seriously beautiful patches in here! The HornEuph Legato patch for example! The Strings Flautando patches a.o. It’s definitely a different sound than SCS for example. And it has a raw quality to it. It’s like the Wood short patches from Albion I legacy compared to Albion ONE. The updated version is cleaner, more responsive and stable but looses character IMHO!


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Maybe this is moving to the new player? Have to decide if I would use it. I do know I had it on my wishlist at one point.


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The strings flautando have a certain magic that I didn't find somewhere else and I still use them. Really hope they are preparing some kind of an overhaul to Loegria.
(I remember they advertised the library when it came out with the words "Hello beauty", and there are indeed some beautiful things in it...)


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Sorry, but I feel an informal review coming on...

Yes, yes, and yes on what others have said.

I love this library, and still use it on projects, even as my strings have expanded ridiculously since. The half string sections, especially the lower ones, still capture an essence of that particular studio sound; I agree: those flautandos can still be magical, and stand on their own, even as SA has produced variations in every string library since.

Other euphoniums have been sampled since, by a handful of developers. But the charm and character of these has a British warmth and flavor that is still unique, even as the articulation set is limited by age.

I guess I don’t share the mindset that sample libraries have an expiration date, even as said developer might be setting the stage for something new. I do agree that Loegria is an odd bird - if placed on a timeline of orchestral sample development - but that intentionality has been implicit in this toolkit approach from the start (as it arguably has been for Albions 1,2,3, and 5).

As with so many of these threads, what some are really asking is a matter of economics, potentially depleting funds from other, future purchase, or being spared buyer’s regret. While I am not good at hand-holding advice or divination, I would say that projecting onto half-off pricing, or speculation about a new release, does not diminish or undo the effectiveness and/or creative potential of the existing library itself. The value is in the proven and effective tool.

Half off? That’s a very good thing.
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