The DAW you use and Velocity?

Discussion in 'Your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)' started by Tod, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. jmauz

    jmauz Senior Member

    Cubase, and I use various methods to program/control velocity. I have 2 different MIDI controller faders that are mapped to CC11. I also draw it in when I need something more exact. Third, I have macros programmed to buttons on my TouchOSC screen that program crescendos, decrescendos, sforzandos.
  2. Divico

    Divico Senior Member

    Reaper: Mousewheel for increment decrement of selected notes.
    Mouse modifier for drawing in ramps. There are scripts for more functions but I havent tested them yet
  3. gregh

    gregh Senior Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    Reaper has a function "reacontrolmidi" that allows you to assign automation to CCs - you can then modulate them with an audio signal or an lfo that has a bunch of waveforms.
    I got Cableguys Midishaper as part of a bundle and it looks pretty good as well but I have not had a huge play with it yet.
    Also in a similar vein is the Thesys sequencer from Sugarbytes
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  4. Nick Batzdorf

    Nick Batzdorf Moderator

    Sep 14, 2004
    Los Angeles
    In Logic it's very easy to set a single note (or multiple notes with the same velocity) to a specific number. You can either use the velocity tool or the slider in the editor. Or the event list.

    If you know how, it's also very easy to set a group of notes en masse, regardless of their velocities: hold Option while moving the slider or Velocity tool up until they're all 127, then lower them to the desired value. (If you don't move them all up to 127, it just adds/subtracts from the initial velocity.)

    It's also easy to set up a Transform in the Environment to do that in one swell foop. That would be the way to go if you're doing it over and over.

    Logic also has a MIDI plug-in that compresses/expands/scales the relative velocities. It's pretty flexible, and - while I've never used it, to be honest - it would be useful for moving MIDI performances to different instruments that respond differently.

    Now, whether this is the best way to implement what you're trying to do is a separate question that I can't answer without context.

    EDIT: I missed your video. Will watch.
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  5. OP

    Tod Senior Member

    Thanks jmauz, so if appears both Logic and Cubase will have no problem with setting precise velocities. And of course Reaper too.

    Thanks guys, and yeah, I use Reaper too, perhaps you didn't check the 3rd video in my previous post, that shows the "velocity toolbar" I've got setup for the steel in Reaper.
  6. OP

    Tod Senior Member

    Thanks again Nick, it appears Logic has it covered.

    Did you check out my videos in my previous post on page 1? Maybe that would help putting it into context.
  7. Nick Batzdorf

    Nick Batzdorf Moderator

    Sep 14, 2004
    Los Angeles
    I just did. Looks great!

    Off the top of my head, is there a reason you don't just assign a MIDI CC to the sample layers? It seems like it would be easier... although I'm sure you have a good reason.
  8. OP

    Tod Senior Member

    Thanks again Nick, and to answer your question, I definitively considered using MIDI CCs, but the way the samples are laid out in Kontakt's mapping editor, using velocities made it much simpler and meant less code. :)
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  9. labornvain

    labornvain Active Member

    Feb 9, 2014
    Whoa. Is this available to buy? It sounds amazing.
  10. OP

    Tod Senior Member

    Thanks labornvain, it will be down the road, hopefully not too long.:)
  11. jonnybutter

    jonnybutter Senior Member

    Jun 13, 2016

    I have only used other people's scripts. People like you, possibly! I wish I had something useful to share, but you know much more about this stuff than I do. It's theoretically possible to do a lot with the scripter plug.

    To original question: Velocity is easy to handle in LPX. You can draw curves. You can use the velocity compressor (useful very often) and other velocity tools. You have multiple UIs and tools for processing any MIDI.

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