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The big iZotope Upgrade sale is now on - save 30%


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iZotope are expressing how much they appreciate their customers by offering 30% off Upgrades until 1st August! So, if you own an older version of RX, Ozone, Iris or Nectar, now's the time to upgrade!

Looking to wield more control over your mixing, mastering or audio repair? This offer also includes upgrades from Elements and Standard products to Advanced versions.

For example, if you own Ozone 7 standard, take advantage of this offer and upgrade to Advanced for just £136 - a saving of £59 on the normal upgrade price.

Did you buy Neutron when it was released last year and want even more control over your mixing decisions? Upgrade to Neutron Advanced now for just £54.95!

Still using RX 5? Advance to the next level of audio repair with the RX 6 Advanced upgrade - from only £220.

View all Upgrades at: http://www.timespace.com/productlist/2/64/izotope_upgrade_sale.html

Offer ends 1st August 2017.
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