The Bernstein Harvard Lectures


old school
I have the original book and 33 1/3 rpm records...fat lot of good they are now though..o_O I regret that I never managed to get to a concert of his in London, but love his symphonies.

Craig Duke

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I used to listen to the Harvard/Norton lectures in high school at our local library (33 1/3). In grade school, we watched his Young People's Concerts in music class (16mm film). If you haven't read a biography of LB, he had an amazing and entertaining life.


VI-C'd out
This series should be watched by anyone who does music. Of all the elements of my musical education over the years, I think this is what had the most deep and lasting impact.

Nathanael Iversen

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The lectures are excellent and deeply interesting. I have the hardbound book that transcribes the lectures and contains all the musical examples.