That Massive Snare in the Avengers Theme


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Any tips on getting a sound similar to this big satisfying smack on the fourth beat here (0:34, 0:38, etc.)? I'm doing a mockup of this for practice and was really looking forward to getting to this part because I've had an inexplicable fondness for this snare for a long time, but my noodling around with my snare/tom sounds and saturation aren't getting very close.



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Has a bit of the feel of a Pendulum snare (DnB snare much aped/mocked in the mid/late 90s).

Try a narrow Q EQ boost at 250hz, maybe up to +6db, scoop the mids, roll off the highs.


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Well, I had already given it a shot in my mockup attempt and didn't get that close - made a thread for it here.

It was a layering of some samples from Izotope BreakTweaker, and most of the reverb tail comes from a snare hit from an EZDrummer metal kit. Saturation and convolution effect from Izotope Trash. I think it needed some more synthetic smack... but I've spent too much time on it already!


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It sounds like something from a drum machine (TR 707, 909, Linn etc), maybe layered with an acoustic snare drum, and white noise for additional brightness.
The body and the tail/reverb are not that loud or distorted, it's compressed just enough so it cuts through the mix without smudging all over it. Also it's quite centered, so no crazy stereo samples.

The energy mostly comes from the short and snappy attack, which is really loud compared to the other percussions in the track (dynamics is key in that kind of effect).
It can be achieved trough compression, or transient shaping with an insane amount of gain on the attack.
There may also be an additional click (short white noise, or any kind of sample), but it's not bass music so I doubt it's that complex.

So it can be done by applying many effects to a main snare sample, or it can be built with smaller layers. If you want to do the latter I'd recommand opting for a transient/body/tail process :
- a clean, snappy transient with not too much saturation or compression, and well distributed frequencies (flat mids is good, tame the high and low ends)
- a synthetic (or a well recorded and processed) body with a bit of flick (avoid being too punchy)
- a tail made of white noise, acoustic drum ringing, and a bright, not necessarily realistic reverb. You can compress and saturate these last components altogether with the body for better cohesion
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Sunny Schramm

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This one is also very smashy, hard hitting and kind of big :)

The close mic-position maybe with a lite filter-cutoff should be very near to what you wish for I think...

Productpage with different Mix-Presets:

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Sounds primarily like a Linn drum snare sample to me, possibly layered with something that was real at some point in it's life, but mainly the drum machine. Sure there are plenty of free Linn samples out there on the web.

Select the best sample
Pitch it to make sure it's a close match for the one in the original
Get a transient designer on it to make the initial attack pop a bit more
Fire up a non-linear reverb to enhance the sustain of the drum and bring the full 80s
Get a bit of medium long hall/plate/chamber verb on it to make it all hang in the air a bit

Should get you most of the way there!