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Callum Hoskin

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I'm rebuilding my template and loading individual mic positions for each instrument. I have individual outputs activated for each position so I can pan these individually and control reverb levels, routing etc. Each instrument has three mic positions; Close, Room and Surround. However, I have also split up long and short articulations resulting in the following outputs for each instrument; Long Close, Long Room, Long Surround, Short Close, Short Room, Short Surround.

I want to assign the three positions, Long, Close, and Surround, to the Midi CCs 81, 82 and 83. The issue I have is with expression maps. Generally, I have my long articulations on Midi Channel 1 and my short articulations on Midi channel 2 (so I can route them independently). When I adjust my mic positions using midi cc, my mix becomes inconsistent across articulations. Does anyone know the best way to go about this, or if there is a simpler way of achieving this? Thanks

Also, I am aware VEP will be able to solve this problem; I want to avoid using VEP if possible; however, I would be happy to use it if it is the only way of resolving this.
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