Tascam Series 208i audio interface - excellent, but no reviews??


Hello and hola...a Brit in Spain
Hi everyone,

Is anybody using the Tascam Series 208i audio interface?


To me the whole thing looks excellent: it has 4 inputs on the front which can be instruments (so I can have 2 guitars, bass and acoustic plugged in together) plus the option of all being phantom power and up to 7.1 output on the back.

It ticks a lot of boxes for me, but I can´t find much user feedback or reviews anywhere. Strange.

I can find videos from companies like Sweetwater, Gear4Music and of course Tascam, but notthing independent.

Tascam as a company stood out, as I used to use (a loooong time ago) their field recording equipment (DAT recorders) and they were very well regarded in the industry to produce clean and high quality equipment.

Anyone thoughts?

It looks like something I would buy, but I´m hestitant when I can find literally nothing!!

Thanks for any help!