Talharpa, where to buy?


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I've always been in love of the sound of the Talharpa and I want to purchase one. Sadly I don't have any knowledge regarding this very specific instrument to help me find the good one.
What are the specs I should carefully look at? What is the "common" price for such a product?
Any website I should avoid? or ones you would recommend?

Thanks for helping!

Xixion from X

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just saw your post and created an account to give you an answer. You could try to buy one on etsy. I think there are seller located in US or Europe which sells Talharpas. And if I remember correct the price is between 250 and 350€. I also love that instrument and tried to build it on my own. Sadly I broke the wood while trying to make to holes for the tuners. However, if you want I can sent you all my informations for the construction of a talharpa.