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Taking A Look At Symphonic AI - Livestream Replay

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@Simeon Amburgey

It seems like I am way late to the party?!

Symphonic AI is quite a bit too pricey at $500 (minus the penny).

Are there any coupons available now, or possibly any upcoming sales?

And I really don't want to deal with 'digital ocean' as I've lost a license with them in the past due to my email company 'bluebottle' going defunct.

I would rather purchase through another vendor where I might be able to 'earn' credits toward future purchases and not have to deal with 'digital ocean'.

Then there is the idea in my head that a future minor update might require a 'newer' version of Kontakt instead of what's required now (5.81 full).

It sounds great! But Kontakt isn't in my normal workflow. I might be willing to take a chance on Symphonic AI though.

There don't seem to be any trials or refunds. How does one deal with such restrictions?

Also in the "Deep Dive" I can see that MIDI can be dragged from Symphonic AI to the DAW (Reaper), but I don't remember anyone covering whether the dragged MIDI keeps all of the Symphonic AI nuances, or not.

Does the dragged MIDI retain the FULL information of volume, note on/off, mod wheel position, and other possible cc info?

I guess what I am asking is, if I drag the midi to a track and assign a same-sounding instrument, will the playback sound the same. Or is dragging the MIDI somewhat of a facade?

I am currently able to use 8 ports to run 128 channels to my MIDI "band/orchestra". I can always move the audio from Symphonic AI to my sync'd VS-2480.

Of course, this all involves some additional time and thought to break out of my standard "system" of doing things should I purchase Symphonic AI and have to use Kontakt.


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Lots of good points here.
I think you would really be interested in taking a look at Sample Logic's new plugin Animation Station:

This might allow you to get some of the flexibility you want while being able to use your existing libraries.
Check it out.
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