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Taikos, what’s your vote?

I have the latter two and I find myself using both of them, depending upon the specifics of the situation.

I also have to say that, based on the walkthrough video, I think Metropolis Ark 3 is also going to be a player when it comes to taikos.


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I have both the old and the new version of 8dio Taikos, and much prefer the old one. I also have those in Drum of the Deep, which are less Epic than 8dio. But ff the Taikos from Evolution Series are as good as the drum sets in Evolution Series Africa, they would get my vote.

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In my opinion, the Evolution Taikos edges out the 8DIO Solo Taikos for solo work. The Evolution Taikos has a great sounding room for taikos, and the samples are very rich and natural sounding. I don't own the 8DIO Taiko Ensembles, but the Solo Taikos aren't bad if you can live with a huge hall sound. If you check out the taikos of Metropolis Ark 3, these might be all you need as they sound fabulous with lots of mic options.
I use 8DIO's taikos, I think drums is what 8DIO do best, and the Epic Taiko Ensemble is no exception - it sounds great! I do have HZ1+3 but I don't find myself using it much, not for hard hitting taikos at least.
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Awesome! Thanks for all the responses.

I picked up 8dio Epic Taikos Ensemble as the free Xmas instrument of the day. Got there new Wurlitzer with 10% off + the Taikos! Love getting these deals.

Still might pick up the Spitfireaudio Hans Zimmer ones too with the wish list codes.


Storm Drums 3 doesn't get the love it deserves. Huge array of Percussion sampled in lots of detail.
1- It does not have midi loops (like SD2 does)
2- SD3 has many perc sets but ads sounded like SD3 is mainly for ethnic, unique sound.
3- It is hard to understand patches from their name (there are many percs that I don't know!)
4- loops are not tempo-sync!

Btw I love SD3 but it takes time to understand patches and write rhythms.
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Since no one are mentioning the taikos from Albion 3 (iceni), I guess they aren't good enough? I was considering Albion 3 in part for their taikos but I guess I shouldn't consider them based on that subject.
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