Synthesizer programming: Velocity 1 = pp, Velo 127 = ff

Sir Hannes

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For some synths I use, they don't have velocity routed to volume.
My problem often is, my music is finished and I want to have that verse more mezzopiano in this one synth, only there. In this post I only want to change the preset of the patch, no PlugIn or Volume automation. I want to learn programming synthesizers.
I open it up, find the router matrix, and I want to have velocity notes 127 to loudest - as it is already in this case - but smaller values more quiet. Now the weird thing is, I always can make velo 127 quieter, but not the other side a velo of 1, this either stays the same or nothing happening at all.

To make it easier for you to see my mistake:
E.g. ES2 in Logic, normal patch which is loud and not reacting on changes in velocity. 127 = loud, 1 = loud. I wanna change this.
Set Source to Velo
via - off
Set Target to Amp.

Now if I increase the triangle to maximum, all values of 127 are MORE louder then before. I don't want this.
If I decrease the triangle to minimum, then I reverse this: 127 is silent now, 1 is loud. Nope.
For "via" I choose now anything to get two triangles = a range to set for.
LFO, Env, Aftertouch, so many things. I try Keyboard, so higher notes and lower notes have a different behavior and I get that range now.
127 = is now loud and 1 = is quieter. SO CLOSE, nice.
But: 127 is now even more louder than before 127, I am boosting this value. And 1 has now the loudness of 127 before any routings. That's not what I want.

What I am missing?

Do I have to use Amp and Cutoff together to get that effect? But what, if I just and only want the volume to be changed?