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Synth enhancers?

Billy Palmer

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-Black Box Analog Design HG-2. (Tasty saturator-compressor. I like it blended with the main signal)
-Sandman Pro (Love it for all things sound design)

-Action tremolo. I use it too much.


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Those who like OTT should try a proper multiband processor like Fabfilter Pro MB or their dynamic EQ (Pro Q) which is more surgical. You can do amazing stuff with those two on synths.

Also Saturn 2 and Uhe Satin.


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Kush TWK
Some kind of compressor for ~3 db reduction - often Kush AR-1 or Novatron
Bluecat's Destructor (even if super gentle - it's my favorite saturation plugin, better than Saturn2 or the other 40 plugins for saturation or distortion I have)
Outboard effects -> Acidbox3 -> Meris Polymoon -> Meris Mercury 7
Cableguys Shaperbox (another gem)

By the end of the year I'm aiming to uninstall and/or sell some of the 500 plugins installed (some chunk of those are Studio One)... that might include Omnisphere, for example, or Saturn 2, or Black Rooster, etc.
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