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After many requests it's finally here: SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings!
Reworked and optimized samples for better sound and greater playability + usability.
And it contains the same number of articulations as the original VI Solo Strings!
The pre-recorded runs and scales are now easier to use thanks to the time-stretching feature of the Synchron Player. You can even sync it to the tempo of your DAW.

2x Violins, Viola, 2x Celli, Double Bass. Over 150.000 Samples and many articulations to cover as many playing techniques as possible!

Introductory discount: 475€; regular 595€
If you own
- VI Solo Strings I Std: 290€
- VI Solo Strings I Full: 105€
- VI Solo Strings I Full + Solo Violin 2 + Solo Cello 2: 35€

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So owning Solo Strings Full I Full, I would also effectively get Violin 2 & Cello 2 along with the Synchron goodness for 100€?


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I bought the original Solo Strings like 15 years ago. Think it was EXS(?) at the time. Any upgrade possible?


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If you are still unsure if you should get these strings or upgrade to them, here is a list of new features:

#1 Additional Instruments

Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2 are now included (GREAT for string quartets and it’s an additional choice in timbre!!), so you get more than 150.000 Samples for those 6 instruments!

#2 More variety with the new Synchron Player Time-Stretching feature

Time-Stretching will be great to use with short notes, portamento, glissandos, upbeats, scale runs… but also vibrato control becomes a very interesting topic, and all of this happens in real-time!

#3 Improved Release Samples
  • For Short Notes like Detachés
  • MULTI SHORTS, our famous performance repetitions with an improved repetition logic (Our Synchron Player “gets” if a note is a starting note or part of a phrase).
  • New Release Samples also for our dynamics: A great tool for more expressive and authentic articulations, as you can “exit” the dynamic progression at any time!

#4 Improved Articulations:

As with all SYNCHRON-ized products, we have done our very best to improve our sample database, which, in the case of our SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings, resulted in
  • Many additional looped patches for sustains, trills, tremolos....
  • Optimized Velocity XFading
  • Dynamic Layers in our Multi-Shorts, to access even the smallest nuances in timbre, with up to 9 velocities
  • An improved calibration of the volume levels within the instrument itself and in correlation to all Synchron Series products.

#5 Sul Tasto / Normal / Ponticello XFade

You even get Sul Tasto and Ponticello Legato, with a great possibility to blend between those playing techniques for all essential articulations!

Mark Schmieder

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Wow, this is perfect timing, as TODAY is the day that I wrap up FINAL PRODUCTION on two more songs from my upcoming jazz album (the quarantine version for Soundcloud; post-Coronavirus, I'll do a Bandcamp version with far less MIDI involved :)), and the Solo Strings library features prominently on five out of the fourteen songs (I don't write traditional jazz :)).

This is an auto-buy at the upgrade loyalty price, which is far below $50 (my current cutoff point for expenditures that aren't survival-based, while unemployed). I am astounded by this pricing scheme, considering what all we are getting in the way of extra features and sound shaping!


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Does the release of Synchron-ized Solo Strings mean there won't be actual Synchron Solo Strings, with new recording/sampling of solo strings in Synchron Stage ?

Mark Schmieder

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I have a separate question, as I keep running out of SSD space and am running out of things I can bounce back to standard HDD.

For these SYNCHRON-ized editions, as there's just the original mics, do they really need to run on an SSD like the new Synchron Stage libraries do? Or maybe case-by-case, depending on complexity of the engine, as these SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings may be a little more needy than SYNCHRON-ized Elements (e.g.)?


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Having had a brief play, I'm really impressed with the Synchron Player now.
Makes life so much easier! Loving it, feels like an instrument.

@Mark Schmieder I can't comment sorry as I installed to an SSD. Luckily, I had just enough to squeeze them on. But I'm now eyeing up Chamber... so... I'll probably bounce the originals off if need be.

Mark Schmieder

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I'll be buying and downloading as soon as I take care of bills and chores for the day, but right now my 2TB SSD is everything Synchron and SYNCHRON-ized, plus a few mega-piano libs from other vendors (C. Bechstein, Wavesfactory Mercury) and some of ISW's newer stuff that doesn't work well on HDD's.

I only have about 43GB free after having moved everything else back to HDD. SSD prices are still sky-high once getting past 2TB and haven't budged in 2-½ years; though I haven't checked since the Coronavirus emergency started.

Probably I won't be using the new Solo Strings features until tomorrow; I forgot that it's THU and not WED, so I need to focus on finishing up two songs whose only solo/lead instruments are flute and trumpet, before moving over to the ones with solo violin, viola, and cello. But the timing is still perfect, as otherwise I would have wound up doing all of that excrutiatingly detailed production work twice!
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