Sync Audio Without Timecode in CUBASE 9 (RESOLVED)

Mayur Hegde

New Member

I have been working on a film which is 1 hour in duration. So I have different Cues in different Cubase sessions as usual. The problem is that Video does not have a Timecode Printed on to it. So is there anyway to sync Audio from various Sessions to Video in One session without Timecode. Kindly let me know. Thanks

(If there was Timecode I know how to sync it. Query is for without Timecode)


Gerhard Westphalen

Scoring Mixer
Do you have the entire video files in all sessions? If so, then just make sure that the start timecode is the same for all of the video and then just write down whatever timecode it is that a cue should be at and put it at the same timecode.