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Very good!

Really like the motifs, and the orchestration overall is good. Love the piano at the end.

I am going to nitpick here, b/c, well, that's one of the things I do well.

1. The cello is really nice in terms of the playing and the melody, but in terms of mixing, it needs some TLC. It's a bit thin and nasally (esp. noticeable in the beginning), and when it plays with the orch later in the track, it sticks out a bit much. But it's not really as much a volume thing there, as it is the sound of it. It may be a bit too dry, as well.

2. I am a big fan of the glock as an instrument, but when it comes in @ :28, it is really loud.

3. That high G on the violins comes in a bit strong. Try crescendo-ing in (can I say that???) the note a bit.

Otherwise, very good work!

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