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Swing/Swing More vs Broadway Lites

I did check out Broadway Lites - searching for some reviews and videos. Not much there.
Not so new, but possibly good.
For my needs I guess I will decide for Blue Street Brass, smaller footprint and good scripting.
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All the brass in Swing More are solo instruments - except trumpet. I think that's what bothers me in some of the demos - which sound very, very good for the most part. I'm not a fan of section trumpet patches in general, and it seems strange that this is the only instrument in the library like that.
I see that Broadway Lites is currently on sale at a great price, and just wanted to ask if anyone has used this library in a Latin Jazz setting?

I know the advertising says “perfect” for Latin Music, but would be grateful for any honest opinions.

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I bought Swing! and Swing More! in the end. Been looking at them for years and couldn't resist the 50% discount. Swing More! is the better library in that it is more 'conventional' and better for proper part writing. Swing! is more quirky in typical ProjectSAM style - though the Harmon Mute solo trumpet is very good. Apart from Broadway these libraries are unique and blend really nicely with orchestral libraries - particularly the Bernard Hermann which is recorded in similar space but doesn't have the overtly 'jazzy' elements.

I'd have to recommend Swing More! at this price - after a few years concentrating on 'Classical' orchestration it's been liberating to jazz it up with some of those expensive chords and it can sound really authentic in context. A lot of fun.


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For those of you debating whether to pick up one or both of these, I'd like to throw out how fun the multis are in this series. Guy Rowland did do a video about the multis in Swing More!

I only have Swing! and while I certainly can't get into all of its multis, some of them are a blast. Fun to improvise with and they suggest ways to use the library that I wouldn't have come up with on my own.
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