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I am currently in the process of cleaning the shop , trying to sell off the instruments that I don't really use anymore.
- SWAM Violin license - 99$ (via PayPal). Current price is at 129$.

You get a full license via official Audio Modelling account.

Here is the info from support:

The requirements for the transfer to take place are:
- license must be activated ONLINE. If license has been activated OFFLINE, the user must contact our support at [email protected] in order to be instructed on how to re-authorize it ONLINE
- license must be registered to the Customer Portal, on the account belonging to the applicant
- EDU licenses (i.e. purchased with EDU discount) can be transferred to users that have the same EDU eligibility
- the applicant must provide the new licensee full name and email, or the username on our Customer Portal if already registered

The process is free of charge. It could take up to one week to complete.

Happy to answer any questions.
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