Surround in SD3?

Virtual Virgin

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I have the full SD3 installed with surround/height samples.
I realized I haven't been using these extra mics at all.
I searched the manual for "surround" and "height" to see how I even get them to show up in the mixer.
The 170 page manual only has references to those terms for installation instructions. Huh...

My main interest here is to figure out if I even want them taking up the space as these mics are taking up about 100GB of space on an SSD that I could use for other instruments.

Does anyone know how to *uninstall* those extra mics?
The library when installed seems to be in some proprietary format, so I can't just grab a folder full of "surround" and "height" samples and toss them.
Virtual Virgin

Virtual Virgin

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Well, it seems the only way to uninstall the surround and surround height samples is to reinstall the plugin from the beginning and just not download those two packs. It's a bit confusing.


Simply delete from soundb53.obw until soundb113.obw from the Sounds folder.
And of course you can simply test it by first moving these files into an other folder and checking what does Toontrack Product Manager show - which parts (expectedly only Part 3 - Sorround Setup & Part 4 - Height Setup) are missing.
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What Tosza said: I made myself a note in a text file "1-52 are core" I've kept the full everything on the backup external drive, but deleted all but that from the SSD.