Surf Lessons for: Orchestral Arrangement tutoring in Pro Tools

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    Jul 12, 2018
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    Hey community. How about a weird barter to consider?

    Who wants to learn to surf? Summer's right around the corner, and I'd like to exchange my expertise for yours. I'm a working composer in TV, but I'd like to get some high level -one on one- orchestral arranging guidance with someone who SPECIFICALLY uses the following for their arranging/composing:

    -Pro Tools
    -Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate / Kontakt

    When I say 'high level' you don't have to be J.Williams/JXL/zimmer(though I get that you are, just presently undiscovered) I just mean you're doing this work regularly and confidently enough to help a brother out. And I know there are a lot of Logic and Cubase users out there, and I have utmost respect, but I'm definitely tied to ProTools so I want to learn from someone who is doing the vast majority of their work in the above platforms. I'm a visual learner, so I'm looking for tips on how to quickly rough in an arrangement with existing templates and files so I can work efficiently and at a rapid clip.

    I am using Pro Tools Ultimate, HD Native on a Westmere 3.3Ghz tower, Vienna Ensemble server on a separate iMac, old control 24 Neyrinck-hacked. My studio's near Marina Del Rey. Happy to travel in LA though.

    Anyway, I'm a lifelong surfer and a good teacher, so you'd be in good hands if you always wanted to learn. I also have a specific skill set as a composer that includes vocals and guitar, so a meet and greet could also be beneficial from a collaborative standpoint in case you're afraid of sharks (there are no sharks, promise).

    Let's come up with a good exchange! It'll be fun!

    PM me if interested.

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