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SUperior Wifi to download the library


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I am back the one. New year gives new opportunity and much challenge. Building a favorite library in a sampler is a task that must be done at the time of authentic inspiration. If there is superior wifi, it is always preferable to download a 40GB sample slot when used offline with a sample library that you do not want to uninstall during long songwriting sessions, BUT what if wifi is not the fastest on the block with download speeds not reaching the most potential ????

i have my growing emotional collection here, a number,,,, from the sample library. If i have to install everything wirelessly or wirelessly from wifi (or wired), how long will it take?

My connection is clearly not at the highest speed, so I appreciate a clearer example ,,,, how to use it .. my speed is almost 2 megabytes per second (60 times for a whole minute ,,,, for interrogation) ----

1. 100 GB Kontak
2. Another 20 GB
2. Chamber Strings (anonymous brand without problems) 700 MB
5. EastWest Library 80 GB but with
6. Another 10 GB
7. orchestra defined with a string of articulations of 6 GB

to download the most efficient main wifi. I'm trying to figure out how many seconds per minute or more an hour it takes to complete a library ????

2MB per second = 2 * 60 = 80MB per minute
80 * 60 = 4000MB / 4GB per hour

Kontak = 100 GB / 4 (for one hour) will take 5 hours to download.

But this is just the beginning. My wifi internet provider tries to reset my connection every 24 HOurs. i will not be able to download everything until my wifi changes.

So,,,, i once again ask you for the best effect in a genuine and cheap endeavor ,,,, Where is Starbucks closest to the main wifi ????

Thank you for advancing your preferred location.


ppp to fff thinker
2MB per second = 2 * 60 = 80MB per minute
80 * 60 = 4000MB / 4GB per hour

Kontak = 100 GB / 4 (for one hour) will take 5 hours to download.

little correction though:

100GB on a 2MB/s line will take you 13.8 hours not 5 hours.

to calculate the download time, you need to convert both values to the same type (mbit is more precise):

2MB equals 16Mbit (MB * 8 = Mbit).
100GB equals 800.000Mbit

With that in mind calculation how long it takes to receive that amount of data:

Divide 800.000 by 16 to see how much it fits (aka in seconds to download)

To get minutes and hours:
divide that by 60 to get minutes it takes.
divide those minutes again by 60 to get hours
= 13.888 hours (so almost 14 hours)

Or in your way of calculation:
2MB * 60 = 120MB per minute. (how did you get 80MB? because 2x6 = 12 not 8)

so, do that * 60 = 7200MB (not 4000MB) per hour.

so, downloading 100GB (100000MB) takes you:
100/7.2 = 13.88 hours
100000/7200 = still 13.88 hours.

ofcourse this all the ideal timeframes.. in reality you have latency to count in, which fluctuates a bit during the course of the download (the speed is not fixed but variable)

I do hope you actually ment MByte per second (MB/s) not Megabit per second (Mb/s)
Notice the capital B and normal b above.. significant factor 8 difference!
Byte vs bit
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