Superior Drummer 3 Decades Edition


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I am looking to buy Superior Drummer 3 Decades Edition. Does S3 ever go on sale? Most of their other products do. It looks like Best Service has the best deal at the moment. Odd that the download and boxed SSD versions are the same price, aside from 25 euros flat shipping to the US.


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They don't seem to put newer SDXs on sale. All the SDXs that were on sale this season were as old as SD2.

Nor have I seen a sale on SD3 itself.

I think the best you'll do for the foreseeable future is that SD3/Decades bundle.


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Best Service typically undercuts people like Sweetwater.

Your Sweetwater salesperson will usually help you out if they can.

New libraries usually don't go on sale. Almost all of their libraries (except for the new ones) go on sale for Black Friday, and misc. other sales throughout the year.

Superior Drummer 3 itself never goes below $400, but during some seasons they will bundle something else in with it. When I got it a few years ago, they bundled in (...wait for it...) EZ Drummer 2. Yay?

But yeah, dude, Decades is awesome. Superior Drummer is awesome. Sweetwater is awesome. Talk to your guy.


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I'm one of the discontents that waited till the last possible minute to upgrade from SD2 to SD3 - I did not appreciate the strong-arm tactics.

What an idiot!

SD3 is, in reality, an improvement on SD2, even if you do not use all the surround features (I haven't even downloaded the surround content). It is just well thought out, and addresses a number of workflow "features". It is worth the price.

If for no other reason than it provides access to both Decades and the Orchestral expansion. Both of these are stellar.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about their lack of sales, but once you accept that you are not going to get a super deal anytime soon it makes it a little easier to open the wallet.


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@wst3 I actually purchased SD3 mainly for access to the orchestral expansion. I purchased the bundle. Turns out I get far more use from the included kits and general features. It's definitely the most feature rich drum lib I'm aware of. I haven't had a need to add any SDXs yet, though Decades tempted me. Had it gone on sale, I may have grabbed it.

The only thing keeping it from being my favorite drum lib is their insistence on having separate in and out MIDI mapping. No way to drag out grooves (mostly parts of for me) to match my custom mapping.