Suggestions For Audio Interface and Reference Monitor Upgrade


Hello all,

I posted a thread here in November about having trouble with my MOTU 828x audio interface. I have since gone to the extreme of wiping my iMac hard drive clean and reinstalling my software only to find that after all that, the same issue resurfaced a few days after reinstalling some of the virtual instruments. What disturbs me is that this started happening after upgrading the Mac to Mojave and MOTU responded to me that they will update their software (CueMix FX) if the need arises. I also have issues with their MIDI Express XT that they encouraged me to replace.

Anyway, I think I'm ready to move on from MOTU and explore my other options. Would any of you offer your insights to audio interfaces that you are happy with? Here's what I liked about the MOTU 828x:
1. Very clean pre-amps​
2. Plenty of gain​
3. Return channel back to the computer​
4. Thunderbolt and USB​
5. Eight clean analog ins and outs​

As for my reference monitors, I have some Alesis M1 monitors and the Tannoy Reveal. While I like them, I don't love them. My room is treated, but I get more detail out of my headphones than the monitors and I think I need to upgrade them as well.

Your thoughts?