Submission for Berlin Film Scoring Competition



In literally everything! @RonOrchComp

For example:

bar 10 uses Theory of total dissonance

bar 11 could be considered as a Reflection chord from book 11

bar 12 the two chords are built from fourths (E is flattened to get the b9)

of course I didn’t spend so much time thinking about using different tricks on each bar but EIS gave me the tools for all that!

On bars 14-19 you can see that I made sure that every interval of the chord is there (the numbers above the notes) to get a balanced sound.

The ”evil theme” on bars 56-57 is actually reversed ending of the ”good theme” on bars 53-54

The E3-E1-E2 (minor 3rd – minor 2nd – major 2nd) idea/motif you see on the score bunch of times (for example on the bass cleff on bar 69) is then used to built the chords from bar 72 onwards.

There’s whole lot more there but I hope that gives you an idea!

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I absolutely love the storytelling at 1:40 and how you used instrumentation for this. Incredible!
May I ask how you interpret the scene from 0:30 - 0:40, because the music has this kind of "we already lost the battle"-feel, and I am curious if that was intentional or not from your side.