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For Sale Studiologic 88-key fully weighted midi controller with aftertouch


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This is an opportunity to acquire a high quality, unused unit (like new) 88-key fully weight keyboard with the renowned Fatar keybed. The feel is as good as it gets. Didn't get the chance to use it as I moved to a smaller place (need a smaller keyboard). Comes with aftertouch, 4 pedal ports (2 switch, 1 continuous, 1 universal), 3 controller sticks, and USB midi to your computer. There are also optional magnetic stands that (1) attaches to the top of the keyboard that you could conveniently place your laptop (2) act as a stand for your music score.

The item is in Brisbane, Australia. It is currently retailing for around AUD$999 in Australia (https://www.turramusic.com.au/studiologic-sl88-studio). Happy to consider offer.

Below are some information:

"The Studiologic SL88 Studio adopts the latest hammer action keybed technology from FATAR giving the best piano touch feeling. TP/100LR is remarkably lighter than any other. Each of the keys provides 3 contacts for superior performance. With the respect of the full weighted touch of the real piano action, the new design guarantees a very fluent and authentic feel. The results of this combination are simply amazing.With its compact profile, the SL88 Studio is an extremely portable professional controller. Thanks to a perfect integration with the TP/100LR keyboard, it weighs less than 14 kilograms. The SL88 Studio is stage and studio ready with a rugged full metal casing. Sculptured endcaps made of a highly resistant synthetic material help to shield the keybed perfectly and provide a safe grip when handling and transporting."

Key features:

-88 Keys, TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action


-Pedals: 2 switch, 1 continuous, 1 universal

-MIDI: In, Out1, Out2

-USB: USB to Host, MIDI, USB Powered

-SL Editor software
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