Studio One 5.1 released!


Game music!
Version 5.1 Release Notes (October 20, 2020):

New features and improvements:

Recording and Mixing

● Retrospective Recording
● Track/Channel search and filter options
● Bypass option for Gain Envelopes
● Copy/Paste send chains

Arrangement and Editing
● Improved presentation of Global Tracks
● Secondary Timeline Ruler option
● New combined Signature Track (time and key signature changes)
● Transfer key signature events using ARA
● Global Tracks in Editors (Marker, Arranger, Chords, Signature)
● Score Printing
● Score View: Key Signature Changes
● Score View: Staff Presets
● Score View: Staff Settings
● Score View: Alternative views
● Score View: Noteheads selection
● [Impact XT] Colorized events in Pattern Editor

Live Performance
● Edit indicator for Patches
● External instrument support for Patches

Plug-ins and Instruments
● [Ampire and Pedalboard] New Compressor and Gate FX pedals
● Drag & Drop FX pedals between Ampire and Pedalboard

● [Start Page] Search function for songs, projects, and shows
● [Project Page] Digital Release never adds a 2-second pause

● Alternative views for Instrument Rack
● Improved ATOM integration:
▪ 4 Banks of assignable Encoders
▪ 4 Banks of assignable Pad Commands
▪ Scales in keyboard mode
▪ Open Note FX editor option
▪ Replace instrument option
● [macOS] Switchable hardware graphics acceleration
● [Windows] High-DPI scaling option re-enabled
● [Windows] Improved user experience with consumer-grade non-ASIO audio devices

New commands
● Edit
o Show Empty Track
o Hide Empty Tracks
o Show Tracks with Events under Cursor
o Hide Tracks with Events under Cursor
o Show Tracks with Events in Loop Range
o Hide Tracks with Events in Loop Range
o Show Soloed Tracks
o Hide Soloed Tracks
o Show Muted Tracks
o Hide Muted Tracks
o Show Disabled Tracks
o Hide Disabled Tracks
o Show Enabled Tracks
o Hide Enabled Tracks
o Show Instrument Tracks
o Hide Instrument tracks
o Show Audio Tracks
o Hide Audio Tracks
o Show Selected Tracks
o Hide Selected Track
o Show All Tracks
o Undo Visibility
o Redo Visibility
● Audio
o Bypass Gain Envelope
o Extract Key Signature from Event
● Event
o Extend by Grid
o Shorten by Grid
● Console
o Find Channel
o Filter Channel
● Track
o Find Track
o Filter Track
o Recall Retrospective Recording
● View
o Swap Ruler Formats
o Open Secondary Ruler

* [Windows] flickering play cursor at 175% scaling
* [Windows] Irregular grid lines at 125%, 150% and 175% scaling
* [macOS] Note event vs. audio timing off grid at high buffer settings
* [macOS HiSierra] When pinning Soothe 2, all other plug-in windows are stalled
* [macOS] Graphical performance degrades when scrolling collapsed folder
* [macOS] No redrawing of icons when switching resolution
* [macOS] Text not clipped in browser tile
* [macOS] Unwanted wrapping in certain text boxes
* [macOS] Laggy graphics with certain 3rd party plug-ins
* [Browser] Can't delete certain custom folders
* [Browser] Crash on expanding certain track folders
* [Browser] Selecting multiple items in Tree View doesn't work on first click w/ Shift
* [Mixer] Monitoring live input from bus no longer possible
* [Mixer] Multi Instrument primary/master channel name is not retained
* [Mixer] Pipeline XT not passing audio when inserted to Listen Bus
* [Mixer] Solo safe in aux channels forces realtime render when bouncing a virtual instrument track
* [Mixer] Keyboard shortcut "add gain trim" always opens 1st insert slot
* [Presence XT Editor] Decimal shift when entering tune values
* [Presence XT Editor] Wrong conversion when entering negative 'Tune' values
* [AutoFilter] Leftover TODO tooltip
* [Impact XT] Sample offset settings are not recalled
* [Exchange] .ioconfig "installs" to default "Download" folder
* [Note FX] Arpeggiator chokes up in certain situations
* Audio miscalculation on extreme tempo edits
* Audition is suspended too early on recording with Auto Punch
* Automation may migrate to a different track
* Can't create audio track above a folder track via drag and drop
* Can't duplicate a transformed Instrument Track
* Certain original audio cannot be dragged into arrangement
* Delay compensation / latency not updated unless the plugin is reset manually
* Duplicating automation sometimes not working properly
* Event text position is odd on high vertical zoom levels
* Export mixdown is longer than loop range when an AUX channel is present
* Graphic ghost and font space issue when event badges are disabled
* In Step Recording mode, cursor does not advance after input notes when the Tempo Track contains nodes
* Last track in the Arrangement cannot be resized if it has been minimized
* Listen bus metering options are following audio track metering options
* Misc 3rd party plug-in window resize issues (Kilohearts, Melda Productions, Waves...)
* Noise when loading a song w/ Ampire when Dropout Protection is set to Maximum
* Open folder range selection disappears on copy/paste command
* Potential crash when editing audio bend markers
* Second external device plugged-in is not auto-detected sometimes
* Context menu reacts differently to mouse clicks on macOS and Windows
* "Stop at Marker" is being ignored in certain situations
* Unwanted behavior when copying sections w/ enclosed automation
* Updating an Instrument+FX Preset creates .preset file instead of .instrument

Good work Presonus!
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I watched the preview video. This is a robust update. I've been wondering why the starting page never allowed for searches for song names... long overdue, but welcome. The music (staff) printing option looks wonderful and, honestly, was the only reason I bought Notion years ago.


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Wow, I was contemplating switching to S1 this weekend, and the lack of RR was making me a bit hesitant considering how much of a workflow improvement it's been for me the past few years. Unless something egregious happens during my trial, I guess I'm joining the S1 gang 🥳


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In the preview video, Retrospective Record (MIDI) was said to be one of the top three feature requests made to PreSonus.


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I've gotten so spoiled creating my own presets and keyswitches. Now with RR, I'm really down with Studio One 5.1. The score editor is honestly the nicest of the daws out there. I really enjoy working in it. Great job PreSonus!
not wanting to derail the announcement thread, but is there a way you can coordinate staffpad and Studio 1s notation?


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Yes. And there will be some nice features for working with orchestral templates too :)
What would that be, if not the track search/filter function?

not wanting to derail the announcement thread, but is there a way you can coordinate staffpad and Studio 1s notation?
You need Notion to get MusicXML into Studio One (you have to import MusicXML to Notion and then send that to S1).


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Would be nice if we can setup articulation switches via Program Change messages.

Looking forward to enjoy the new features in S1Pro 5.1


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I wonder if the Atom will have all 16 pads work in 3rd party instruments or only 13 like it is now.
What do you mean? I use the ATOM with 3rd party instruments (e.g. Addictive Drums) and of course I can use all 16 pads.
What do you mean? I use the ATOM with 3rd party instruments (e.g. Addictive Drums) and of course I can use all 16 pads.
Any program that needs to have the octave changed, such as Butch Vig drums in Kontakt, will remain in octave change mode rendering pads 14-16 useless.

I have been back and forth with Presonus tech support, their forum, Sweetwater, etc. for months with no solution. Pad 15 lowers the octave and if you get it to the correct octave for pads 1-13 pad 14 will be blank, hitting pad 15 will lower the octave further rendering it useless, and pad 16 will raise the octave rendering it useless.