Struggling with mixing: New monitors or AI?


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Not enough comments mentioning room treatment so here's mine! Before asking if the speakers or audio interface are "good enough", I'd ask is it the room that's causing issues. More often than not, that's the reason why you're having mixing issues. Many people focus on the gear, without paying attention for the space the gear works in.

To give you an example - I have a pair of Genelec 1031As. Solid speakers. Years ago I had a relatively small room, which I treated with self-made acoustic panels and bass traps. Speakers sounded AMAZING in there and I felt like my mixes were easy to execute. Now, I've moved to a different space of relatively similar dimensions, but have not had time to do any meaningful sound treatment. Speakers honestly sound like a cheap $200 pair in there - lots of standing waves in the room causing cancellations, poor stereo image, etc. Same speakers!

So my recommendation would be to invest in some sound treatment. Folks at GIK Acoustics have some good options, and they're super helpful with pre-purchase info and advice. Or if you're feeling handy, you can build some fiberglass panels yourself. And you really don't need much - treat first reflections (there's a guide on their site if you need to figure out where these are) with 2"-4" thick panels, maybe stick a couple of traps in the corners to manage bass, and you'd be surprised at the result.


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- Hit play... and walk away from the room. Go make some coffee and take a leak. Don't listen to the song- use it as a background noise. When you walk back to the room while the song still plays, you'll notice very quickly what's sticking out of the mix in a bad way. (This is an awesome trick which works for me very often.)
Lots of great stuff here but this one stuck out to me. Bears repeating.


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Thanks everyone for all your responses! I didn't replied but I did read carefully.

Here is a quick update:

- I've crafted acoustic panels with some very nice fabric foam (incredibly efficient!)
Sadly, I'm moving next month and I have to find a new flat with a dedicated room. I'm planning to treat the room using my panels (fabric and melamine acoustic foam) and a laser
- I changed my monitors from HS7 to Focal Shape Twin. Holy s..., Yamaha were good to start with but pro grade speakers like Focal are incredibly awesome to work with. It's like X-Ray for ears.
- In addition to the new speakers: a Mixcube. So helpful to be sure that all my tracks are at the good level in mono.
- I've been reviewing all my process. I did some changes on my plugins presets, changed some mixing habits. My music starts to sound more realistic, warm.. and commercial at some point.
- Mixing masterclass planned in three months with a pro.

I don't feel stuck anymore. And it's awesome to see improvements!



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The Sonarworks recommendation is still a valid one. It may well provide the extra bit of confidence with your new monitors and treated room. It certainly increased my confidence in the mixes from my room and I'm REALLY old!

I can't think of anything that has made as large as difference for a relatively modest cost.

As always, YMMV.