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Struggling with cc automation copy in Logic 10.5


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Hi folks!
I'm mainly a Protooler but I'm currently diving within the Logic world while struggling with some issues. In this case it's about cc copy from one region to another region, which I use a lot for orchestral composing. I watched tutorials, read how to do it but for some reason it doesn't work.

As far as I know, how it should work:
When I want to copy a cc from a region to another, ie. modulation, in the arrange window with automation enabled, I select de cc automation (as far as I know you can do it with the Automation Select Tool or holding down alt and double click). It's important to select only the automation data, not the region, otherwise midi notes and other automated cc would be also copied.
After clicking copy (or using the keyboard shortcut) I go to the other region where I want to paste de automation data, put the cursor wherever I want to paste the a. data, click paste on the region and... nothing happens.
One detail about this: when I click paste, the cursor moves from the start of the region (from where I want to paste the a. data) to the end of the region, but without any change in the a. data.

So, after struggling with it for a long while I solved this issue this way:
Double click on the region from which I want to copy the automation data to get into the piano roll window, once there I select and copy the a. data, then close the piano roll to get back to the arrange window with automation enabled, go to the region where I want to paste the a. data, erase the current a. data in case it has any (very important, otherwise a. data would be overlapped) and paste the copied a. data from the piano roll window. And, voilá: it works!

Well, this is just a "patch" to make it work, but I know it should work flawlessly just copying and pasting the a. data within the arrangement window, but for some reason it just doesn't work. I tried TeamViewer with a friend who works with Logic and he was really surprised about this issue, since he can copy a. data without problem within the arrange window.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Many thanks in advance.
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