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Strezov Thunder X3M @ $124. or ( SAGA Acoustic Perc + Splash_Epic Perc) @ $115. ??



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RedRoomAudio has provided fine support as I've worked with Palette_ Primary Colors demo. Fine provider !

Cory Pelizzari review triggered Epic Percussion interest, yet his X3M review impacts this choice.

Aarrgghh !


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I've been eyeing True Strike for some time now, but was wondering how this would compare to that as it seems to be rather similar. Anyone presumably having both care to chime in?


Ended up buying the Thunder X3M. I don't see the crossgrade options in my account though. Does that mean I cannot upgrade or crossgrade to another product or the full Percussion X3M bundle?

Brian Nowak

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Anybody have recordings of Thunder X3M with actual music? I've been looking for more natural burly percussion that isn't incredibly wet as I've been using a ton of Ark 3 percussion and would like to mix it up. But all the demos of the Stresov stuff I seem to find are just percussion.
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