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Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content


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Whoa!! That's crazy! I read somewhere that the pricing will be comparable to their other products?
Will sadly have to pass for now...


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"Additional content (Scene d' Amour Celli and First Chairs) available Q1 2019 as a free update for all registered users."

Nice! But yeah, way to expensive for me as a complete package to even consider.
About $740US at the intro price. I've paid a lot more than that for strings. And I've paid a lot less. There's obviously a lot of competition out there at this point, so the product would have to be holy crap good, or at least significantly better than other string packages to make me personally pull the trigger. But it's Strezov's library, he can charge whatever he wants. Probably not many of you here that had to go through the mental turmoil that was buying Miroslav Vitous string libraries for Roland S-760. Heck, even Peter Siedlaczek libraries were like $1,300. I think I paid $1,200-ish for LASS when it came out. Just saying, $740 isn't out of line for a complete string library... if it's your first staple/goto string library.


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I was hoping to buy it but this price point.. sorry guys I think you are missing out on a trick, I'd strongly urge you to revisit your price
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