Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

The library already features what you are talking about. There are separate section on a lot of the patches (Minimalist, Scene D'amour, Lush Strings, Chamber Strings, etc) and the legatos have the option of being Monophonic - All you have to do is turn of the Overlap function in the GUI. Which legato patches are you talking about that do not have separate sections?? Only one I can remember that is not separated sections is the Vintage Violins and Cellos/Vlas, but that one is really not intended to be separated, because it is a certain sound to have VLS I and II playing together, and Cellos and Vlas playing together. Not sure I understand what your request is...
My phrasing may be incorrect, I do use the overlap/non overlap function in the various patches.

I propose / suggest mainly the idea off different attacks option for the legatos.(like css)

And in trying to think like a dev, I thought its undoable to have this function added in a polylegato system.

Its all hypothetical anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to suggest things.....


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The sounds and styles presented in Afflatus are vast in terms of colours and playing techniques. From modern minimalist to golden age and lush epic string ensembles - it's all inside just one collection, which makes Afflatus a great extension to other string libraries covering the bread and butter articulations as well. Here's a live playthrough of the Minimalist String Section.

Holly molly! I love that sound!


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A great thank you. Can' t wait for this. First chairs with polyphonic legato must be something.......really fantastic ! plus the extra extras !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It will be interesting to find out if the dynamic curves of the solo strings match to (some) of the sections.

Probably a very arduous job to implement, but I hope its approximate at least. Would save a lot of tweaking time.

Nonetheless a good foresight to get new content.


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Standing ovation for Strezov for offering a free upgrade on top of an already revolutionary and magical library. The business ethics of this company are rock solid. But even more importantly than that, they make GREAT libraries, and Afflatus is their flagship product and also my new Gold standard in string libraries.


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Very excited about this. It was a stretch for me to justify getting Afflatus on release. Had to forego a few other things but it just sounds beautiful and I've not been sorry. Will make it hard to resist on any future Afflatus releases, especially if this update is as good as I'm hoping it will be.