Stream Deck XL


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This does look fascinating. How are people using it? If it did midi it would be fantastic.
It doesn't really do keyswitches or midi per se. It maps key commands. So anything you can trigger with a key command, you can trigger with Streamdeck but if you can't trigger it with a key command you generally can't get Streamdeck to do it (there are some exceptions like launching programs and websites, but in general). In general, its scripting capability isn't as far advanced as I would have liked.


Jim Daneker
There’s a pretty epic thread on what Streamdeck can do - check it out. The sky’s the limit - best peripheral purchase of the last few years, IMO!


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Just ordered 2. it seems that they’re listening to feedback. Hopefully they release an iPad app in the future too.
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You can also run the same profile on multiple units. I do this in Dorico where I have the shortcuts related to transport eg cursor position, playback etc on one and note editing on the other. Sure I can do this on one unit but you then have to go up and down levels (folders) which wastes time. So the choice is 2 smaller units or 1 large unit. Better still, 2 large units.


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Is it possible to use multiple StreamDecks on a single computer? Or did you order two in order to use them on separate computers?
Yes indeed, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I LOVE these boxes! Triggering entire macros, entering ridiculous passwords, dedicated tools/key commands for DAWs, Photoshop, video editing, you name it... and they instantly change to reflect the current app. I wanted something like this for ages...