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Strange and dark

Discussion in 'Member's Compositions' started by Fastel, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Fastel

    Fastel Member

    Aug 22, 2017
    Here an experiment. What do you think about drama, arrangement, sounddesign and so on... go! :D

    The video was cut by me and ... was first made to support the music. So it was not my focus to make a perfect pic - music relation. Its not that kind of soundtrack. But as I worked on the video the music became more and more detailed... so after some weeks of detailwork I feelt some kind of drowned into that verry dark piece ... and pictures + music seem to merge without that I had a plan from the beginning.

    So as you can understand - now I need the opinion of other musicians.

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  2. Anders Bru

    Anders Bru Senior Member

    Jan 6, 2017
    Damn, great atmosphere! Lots of cool sounds in this. I think it could need a bit more clarity, though, in terms of mixing. Especially in the first minute, or so, there's a lot of mids / lower mids going on that I think could be cleaned up a bit, and help create some separation and room in the overall mix. I love that chord-change at 3:00! But make the transition more dynamic. The strings leading up to it could go further down, and then have more room to increase into that transition. Also those string-chords at 3:40 -> could use some more dynamics!

    4:34 is just fantastic!! But I'm missing some "grit" in the strings! Make it really fierce! ;)

    But great job! Really digging how it ramps up towards the end. :2thumbs:
  3. OP

    Fastel Member

    Aug 22, 2017
    Thanks Anders... and *push :)

    Could need at least 2 or 3 more comments ;)

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