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Hi all!

I've been quietly working away in the background on this, my first library Stone -
I launched a couple of weeks ago, knowing that I may have some bugs to iron out and also with the MPE integration in the back of my mind. The 1.1 update now has a simple but powerful MPE engine, mainly aimed at Roli users. It has added a lot of expressiveness to the instrument


Stone is an idea that has been slowly emerging from the way I work as a composer - layering up sounds to build texture and harmony. I found that I was always using the same toolset, then utilising automation and effects to create a wider soundscape from there. So the focus became the four banks oscillate, pivot, fluctuate and grain

Oscillate was recorded using layers of modular and analogue synths, from sine sub to saturated rich layers of square and saw

Pivot revolves around the Cello - recorded with a very close mic to pick up body resonance and bow texture. There is a sustains patch, an un-synced phrases patch, a granular patch which syncs to your DAW and a kind of deconstructed organ patch

Fluctuate features hammer and plucked from acoustic and synthesized sound sources - all processed through a uher tape recorder to compress and to add some character and a little hiss

Grains is a bit more unusual - four sound recordings from my LOM microphones, processed through outboard/modular to squash and in cases obliterate. These add a moving texture source to the instrument

Here is a walkthrough to show you how it all comes together

There is a video featuring the MPE integration here

AND some lovely tracks composed by Derek Kirkup using Stone

Requirements and the rest

Stone is a Kontakt library, therefore to use Stone you will need Kontakt 6.2 and above, the FULL version

Price is £39 but for a couple of weeks I will be doing a VI coupon which is 15% off - VICONTROLSTONE

Thank you! I hope you enjoy Stone, I use it in everything I do now and it has been great for underscore and of course texture and quiet moments of drama

Stu // Murst Instruments
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Murst Instruments

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Legato Cello is now also part of the sale!


This library is a legato, monophonic version of the Cello featured in the Pivot bank of Stone. It focuses on the articulation and expression of a solo Cello, therefore it plays quite differently to Stone. The recording was made with one very close mic and a little bit of room mic, capturing a lovely bow texture and resonance from the body of the Cello