Stewart Copeland


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I can't tell if he's genuinely vibrant and eccentric and I want to be his friend, or if it's all an act and I hate him. Great interview, though.


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About normal for most the drummers I know :grin:

I love Stewart because he was famous for getting under Sting's skin.

Drummer/Percussionists that have really moved me... Copeland, Gadd, Keltner, Elvin Jones, and Evelyn Glennie

Well said Ed.
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Stewart Copleand is a legend. Him and Colaiuta are the embodiment of tasteful drumming. Love those guys to bits!

His Spyro the Dragon OST was one of the highlights of the golden age of platform games. Brilliant soundtrack. It has Kurzweil K2500 sounds all over the place :inlove: