Stemming issue with keyswitching patches - advice appreciated


I'm wondering what the best strategy is for separating out shorts and longs in keyswitching patches, in order to bus them appropriately. I'm on Cubase, and need to export stems for Pro Tools and the like for mixing. However, bussing shorts and longs is something of a headache. My current strategy is to automate the send levels on individual tracks, I'm just wondering whether there's a smarter/better way to do it - this way involves a fair bit of mousing around and feels a bit clunky.

I'm using a mix of wet and dry libraries (think VSL, Spitfire etc etc). I'm thinking with Spitfire, maybe load up individual articulations into their own kontakt instance, and set the output for each one accordingly (high long, high short, low long, low short etc). However, the VSL stuff is still a headache, as it really doesn't lend itself to that approach. Answers, as they say, on a postcard... (appreciate any help/advice)