Steinberg NUENDO sale up to 70% off


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I believe I read from a rep on their forums that in celebration of Nuendo 10, they were keeping the current (the new price drop) pricing arrangement "for the life of Nuendo 10, till the next major update". So I would imagine that when Nuendo 11 is released we will be back to regular (almost double the current) pricing.

A rep confirmed that the Nuendo 10 release was to begin synchronizing Cubase releases with Nuendo releases. V10 of each was a big step in quality and workflow, and then there is the 30 year celebration of Cubase. And the pricing reflects that pride.

My gut says (from a business perspective) this was to draw more users all the way around to get them on the upgrade cycle. Really good business move to drop the prices as such.

It would greatly surprise me if we saw prices lower than this ever again on these products.


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FWIW, the Steinberg rep at NAB this year said the current price for Nuendo would ‘stick’ as the new price and would not be going back up after N10. Certainly no guarantee though.


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Found the quote from Luis Dongo at Steinberg: (found here:

"Hello guys,

Please don't analyse every word we say with a magnifier glass. We are not native speakers here and trying to convey so much information in one post is not easy.

What I wanted to say was that the new price for Nuendo 10 is not an introduction offer or an extension of the current N8 sale, but that it is the definite price for the whole period Nuendo 10 is available.

I'm not saying that we will raise the price back up for Nuendo 11 (nor am I saying that it will stay the same, nor that we will reduce it again). We haven't even released Nuendo 10 yet to already be making assumptions about future versions. Right now we are only focused on this release. We have many things planned that we hope you guys will appreciate and enjoy and one of them is the new price structure.

That's all I'm going to say about pricing, though I'll be happy to chime in if there are questions about new features and future development."


And we all agree that Nuendo 11 shouldn't be out before at least a year has passed right? Cause then i'm not in a hurry :)


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Nuendo 11 may not come out till November/December of 2020 if they keep up with Cubase.

I only expect Cubase to go to 10.5 this December, and Nuendo usually offers free ".x" upgrades.