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Steinberg / Cinematique Instruments Zilhouette string library


I got an email from Steinberg this morning about a new string library called Zilhouette.
Apologies if anyone has already mentioned them, couldn't find any mention of it on here...

It was created by Cinematique Sounds and recorded in Cologne.
Steinberg describe it as:

Zilhouette Strings is a collection of orchestral string sounds that put the control directly at your fingertips. You can quickly select the amount of the players, mix the separate instrument groups at your own requirements, select the kind of seating and place them into an ambience. That’s it — and all with an intimate, natural and catchy sound.

The link is at:



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We should call it cinematique instruments zilhouette strings. This way it's easier to Spot that this library is there years old. It has just been newly released for Halion. God knows why...


Thanks, I didn't realise it had been out for such a long time. I've changed the title to include Cinematique Instruments! :)
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