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Hello everyone, fairly new to the forum. I have begun composing for my own personal project. The project is Progressive Death Metal with Cinematic Elements set in Space.

I am currently using East West Quantum Leap Composer Cloud and I’m honestly not crazy about the samples themselves. As a result, I have begun exploring starting up a new collection of kontakt libraries.

I am looking to buy an Orchestra Pack and then expand from that I was thinking about maybe buying Metropolis Ark 1-2-3 to start with and expand from there, these libraries I feel like give me the most of what I'm looking within each package.

Other Sample Packs that I have in mind for the future...


—Cinamatic Studio Strings
—Soundiron Hyperion Strings
—CineSamples CineStrings
—Spitfire Symphonic Strings
—Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Chamber Strings
—Chris Hein Ensemble Strings

(Solo String)
—Chris Hein Solo Strings
—Cinematic Studio Solo Strings
—Spitfire Solo Strings
—Tina Guo Solo Cello

—Spitfire Symphonic Brass
—CineSamples Cinebrass
—NI Symphony Brass

—NI Damage
—NI Action Strikes
—CineSamples CinePerc
—Spitfire Hans Zimmer Percussions Pro

—CineSamples Cinewinds
—Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds

—CineSamples Voxos
—Soundiron Olympus Symphonic Choir
—Soundiron Mercury Boys Choir Elements

Solo Voices:
—8dio Francesca Solo Vocal
—8dio Barbary Solo Vocal
—8dio Studio Vocals: Jenifer
—8dio Studio Vocals: Laurie
—8dio New Forgotten Voices Cait
—Soundiron Voices of Gaia: Francesca
—Soundiron Voices of Gaia: Strawberry

Ethnic Sounds:
—EW Ra
—EW Silk

Please give me some suggestions for other libraries and if you have had a negative experience with any listed, let me know...
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