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Staffpad is hands down my new favorite thing


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I have to admit despite my rough experience with SP on the Surface Pro 7, this thread is rekindling my interest in it. :confused: What I *did* love about it was just being able to sit on a couch and mess with a composition for a quick bit, stop, go back, stop, go back. Typically I got flustered by the handwriting recognition by the end, but still... it was nice to just open a composition in my lap. One might think (and I certainly feel) that the exact same experience should be possible with a laptop, after all, a laptop is barely bigger than a tablet... but for some reason it feels like "work" to drag the laptop out compared to just writing on the tablet screen. I'm not sure what it is... the feeling of using a pen vs. a mouse? Anyone have the same feeling?

I also noticed that MS now has a Surface 8 Pro. Hella expensive, so is the iPad though. Anyone have experience with both of them and have an idea which is the better dedicated Staffpad device? Is the Apple pen noticeably better than the Surface pen?


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It is a chunk. The part that made me willing to jump was apple’s two week return policy.


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So you don´t think 16gb is needed for staffpad?
So here is a screenshot of the memory app I use. I opened a StaffPad project with strings and woodwinds and percussion that’s 50 measures long, and then I opened Procreate and load it up an artwork project that has 12 layers. Even with that, I still have 1.7 GB of RAM left.

The cool thing about this app is the hidden utility to clear ram. You just hit the scan button and it actually frees up ram that iOS doesn’t let go of. It works great on my two iPads and my iPhone. They just don’t advertise it clears ram because Apple I don’t think allows that.

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Mine still isn’t great, but it’s getting better. So it can be learned, just like anything. There are also workaround; for example, sp recognizes my ‘p’ for piano about 10% of the time. It’s getting better, but after a couple of tries I write an ‘f’ (which it recognizes most of the time) and then down-flick it to a piano. Not great, but certainly within the range of acceptable workarounds.
That video of tips says at the end that you can enter dynamics with the Insert Text function. Huge revelation for me!
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I submitted a ticket to Staffpad support floating the idea.
Staffpad support responded.
Hi Eric- Thanks for the note, I've forwarded this along to David William Hearn. We're in the midst of a lot of different projects right now that have taken over resources to onboard new libraries into StaffPad (there is a lot that needs to be done to convert a library into StaffPad), so it is not on the radar right now, but we do have many other exciting features coming soon that can allow you to bring any audio files into StaffPad. So if you create something using Decent Samples you will be able to import that audio into StaffPad easily and we have a lot of great tools to help smooth any differences with audio files and the tempo you are using in StaffPad even.

This update should be available in the next month or so.

Steve @ StaffPad Support
So new libraries coming (at some point) and tools "to help smooth any differences with audio files and the tempo" with an update dropping "in the next month or so."

Exciting times! :thumbsup:
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