Splitting Expression Maps


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Hey all,

I've been experimenting with expression maps and trying to decide if they'll fit my workflow. One thing I've run into that I'm hoping someone has a solution for - When I split a region, the articulation doesn't get split as well. So, every cut requires adding that articulation back to the B side of the cut.

Is this really the case? Preferences for "Split MIDI Events" and "Split MIDI Controllers" are both checked, but don't seem to affect this. I've tried in both Cubase 9.5 and 10. Any help is appreciated!


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This is really the case as far as I know - you have to modify the artics in the expression map independently....


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Upon further experimentation, it appears that attributes will split, as they're tied to the note. Directions, however, have to be redrawn.

Aside from the hassle of having to make sure every single note has an attribute, are there any workflow downsides to using only attributes for articulation switching?


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I actually prefer attributes. They are shown and selectable from the menu strip as well which I always found to facilitate things


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Create a "blank" expression and put it on 1st place of the list. So when no expression map is choosen, the last one stays selected.

(actually the first one will be selected, but it is blank, so there won't be a change)